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MA​SSAGE & healing 

At Healing Farmacy, we believe massage is much more than swedish, deep tissue, or relaxation.  As healers, we look at the entire picture of who you are, why you are in pain and what other less obvious factors that may have contributed to what you have going on in your body. We want to hear what types of massage or bodywork you have enjoyed and what has been helpful for you in the past. It's important to tell us if you have any old or new injuries, past surgeries or any other relevant health information since they may also be connected. It may be necessary to discuss what's going on emotionally or what stress you may be experiencing that could add to your physical symptoms. We believe the mind, body and spirit are intimately connected, so even though we will be helping your body to feel it's best, it may be necessary to address the non-physical issues as well. 


Once we get to know you through this initial consultation, we will then create your customized bodywork session. We always encourage you to speak up if you like or dislike something and can modify as we go. Communication and education is key and one massage may differ from the next as you differ from one day to the next. We are not like a Spa that only gives you 50 or 55 minutes when you pay for one hour, we want to make sure your issues are addressed and you are feeling great!  


Our hourly rates for a massage in our office: 

1 hour $120 

90 minutes $180

*For mobile massage, we add a minimum travel fee of $50 depending on distance


These sessions are a minimum of 2 hours and includes various healing bodywork modalities, intuitive healing, visionary cranial sacral therapy, structural realignment and much more. 

This is not a normal massage session and therefore each treatment may vary in cost. 





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