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The Rotberg Family 

Healing Farmacy is the husband and wife team, Daniel & Allison Rotberg. They are a dynamic, healing duo who possess complementary gifts to help you heal on every level. Daniel and Allison were friends first, who bonded as healers and spiritual seekers. Daniel was an organic farmer and healer in Georgia for over 20 years, and Allison was born and raised in LA, always involved in healing through Western and Eastern Medicine. In 2011, they married in Los Angeles and now have 2 children, Benjamin age 11 and Elijah age 7. Before the pandemic, they were almost exclusively In-Home therapists from personal referrals only in the LA Area. When the coronavirus pandemic caused everyone to shelter in place, the Rotberg's decided to retreat back to their beautiful Lexington, Georgia farm. 


Their philosophy is such that they are merely the channels for healing in which you, the client, help facilitate as well. They address not just the physical issue, but the emotional and energetic blockages too.  Daniel and Allison both possess so many tools in their healing toolbox that each session may be different from the next. At the end of the day, they believe in open and honest conversation, taking responsibility for your own health or circumstances and proactive self-care. They hold themselves to the same standards and want health and happiness for you as much as you want it for yourself.


Allison and Daniel have decided the best thing for their family and their souls, was to return to their farm in Georgia indefinitely. Daniel has returned to growing organic vegetables and herbs and continue his unique healing work. Allison has created a niche with natural anti-aging techniques, continues to educate about Essential Oils for all aspects of support and wellness and has reopened her Acupuncture and Massage practice in Georgia.  Both Daniel and Allison are excited to serve Oglethorpe, Oconee and Athens-Clarke Counties with their healing business. If you have a desire for better health, a better quality of life, to feel better physically and emotionally or to have an accountability partner and cheerleader in life, then reach out today and become a part of their extended family! 



Daniel Rotberg, LMT


Daniel grew up in Miami, Florida then made his way to Athens, Georgia to attend the University of Georgia. (Go Bulldogs!) While finishing his undergraduate degree in Sociology, Daniel taught himself about organic gardening and farming, while also starting his study of bodywork and healing. He fell in love with organic agriculture so much that he soon bought his own farmland. Daniel eventually built his own house, created a successful 20 acre commercial organic farm called Backyard Harvest, started a local Farmers Market and CSA called Athens Locally Grown, and became a leading pioneer and teacher in the local and regional farm-to-table movement . While creating and maintaining his new farm, he felt a calling to start helping others to heal from all types of physical and non physical injuries, as well as chronic conditions. He became a Massage Practitioner and Cranial Sacral Therapist, and utilizes a wide varieties of other healing techniques.  He apprenticed with a Traditional Chinese Acupuncturist and Tai Chi Master, Dr. Weichchang Pan, for many years until he took over his Tai Chi school when Dr. Pan passed away.  He not only teaches Tai-chi, he also uses the underlining principles and techniques in his healing treatments. Daniel was also able to heal himself from an 18mm disc protrusion through a variety of non-traditional therapies, including Somatic Emotional healing and Cranial Sacral Therapy. He has always been a lifelong learner and spiritual seeker, which eventually led him to Los Angeles, where he found his spiritual community and future wife. After moving to Los Angeles in 2011, he has focused mostly on his healing modalities and therapeutic bodywork, while still helping people to create their own organic gardens in their home or school. 

Daniel has an extraordinary ability to find the sources of pain and discomfort through both specific bodywork modalities like trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, and neuro-muscular therapy combined with his gift of intuitive healing. He has a way to help calm subconscious fears and thoughts so that true healing can occur. Daniel is a gentle soul gifted with healing touch and unique way of making people feel better.



Allison Rotberg, L.Ac. 


Allison is a Southern California native with Israeli roots. She started taking care of others and healing from a young age and was intrigued by the medical world. She always knew she wanted to be a doctor of some kind, but she needed to figure out what that would look like. Twenty-six years ago, she became a Nurse's Assistant first at USC/Norris Cancer Center in the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit, then at UCLA's Cardiothoracic ICU. She loved helping people who were extremely ill, often helping them to feel better with just her loving smile and caring touch, but eventually felt the need to find more natural ways to help long before they got so sick. Allison completed her degree in Kinesiology from San Diego State University, with an emphasis on Pre-Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine. By 1999, Chinese Medicine was gaining popularity, and after trying Acupuncture for herself, Allison knew that would be her path. 

In 2000, Allison became a Massage Therapist while studying at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. She started her own Mobile Massage business and became a Mind/Body Consultant at Scripps Center for Executive Health before completing her Master's in Traditional Oriental Medicine in 2004. In 2005, she completed a Wellness Coaching certification program through Wellcoaches so she could better serve her clients to create lasting changes in their lives. Eventually, she returned to Los Angeles where she found her spiritual community and could be close to her family. For many years, Allison focused on her own spiritual growth and it awakened her own ability to help others find the root of their dis-ease and what true fulfillment meant to them. She would talk with clients over the phone, give lectures around the world and mentor others to heal themselves in all aspects of their lives. 

After the birth of her first child, Allison wanted to find natural ways to keep him healthy and be able to use something that was safe while breastfeeding. She was introduced to the power of dōTERRA Essential Oils and it became the main resource for her family's wellness. Now, Allison incorporates Essential Oils into most of her acupuncture or massage treatments and educates about how to use Essential Oils safely and effectively. 

Allison is excited to relocate to Northeast Georgia where she can disconnect from the craziness of the big city and connect more to the beauty in nature and within herself. Growing up and living in Los Angeles, there is a constant pressure on your outward appearance and looking younger, by any means necessary. Allison wanted to find natural ways to approach aging that would align with her ideals. In 2019, Allison became a Certified Facial Acupuncturist using Cosmetic and Facial Acupuncture. This allows her to not only create a more youthful appearance but also address more serious issues like facial paralysis. In 2021, Allison added Microneedling and Red Light Therapy to her practice and officially created a second business called Athens Face. You can read more about those services at 



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